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Worse for the Wear - Excerpt


Worse for the Wear

Label: Aerophonic Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz



** In Process of Stocking ** The fifth release by this powerful working trio in as many years shows a band once again not afraid to come out of the gate swinging. As always, these three individual virtuosos combine their unique talents to put forth a churning mix of hard-driving grooves and well-forged power. However, as the band has continued to work and tour together regularly for the past five years, their music continues to find new avenues of expression. On this recording, Worse For The Wear, Ballister’s trademark raw energy is tempered by a mix of introspective soundscapes and moments of quiet beauty that create a listening experience of great complexity. Recorded live in Chicago during the trio’s spring 2014 U.S. Tour, this release shows a band that continues to grow, slowly and patiently, further refining its sound into a tightly structured unit of remarkable depth and richness.

Cat. number: AR007
Year: 2015

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