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Hermeto Pascoal

Zabumbe-Bum-A (Lp)

Label: Polysom

Format: LP

Genre: Brazilian

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A gem of an album from Hermeto Pascoal – right up there with 70s classics like A Musica Libre and Slaves Mass – and done with a similar sort of energy that goes way beyond jazz, way beyond conventional Brazilian music – into territory that can only be described as Hermeto-like! The set's got a mix of tight fusion jamming, off-beat reed work, and some of Hermeto's heavenly compositions – and although there's a good groove to much of the material, that doesn't stop it from being as experimental as always – not in a dark threatening way, but more in a soaring joyous one! (Dustygroove)
Cat. number: 333681
Year: 2019

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