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Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers)

Everything else SPK did was either industrial grind or fluffy dance-pop. Zamia Lehmanni lies along the axis of Graeme Revell's other solo projects (see below) and is gorgeous throughout. Its cover is red, gold, and black and the liner notes quote decadent poets in the original French along with a description of copper-colored blossoms from "Against Nature." by J. K Huysmans. You can see the dew on the leaves in a garden enclosed by mold-covered stone walls. The music is urgent gamelan with sampled laments by the former residents of Bikini Atoll (they were removed for the US atomic bomb tests and as a result lost their sense of place. They never again flourished--they only persisted). Byzantium and bikinis aside, you can also use it as music for a drowned world resurrected. In peaceful lagoons, amid the seaweed-wrapped ruins, one can take one's solitary ease and dream of growing gills for a return to the sea. I've been hitting the J.G. Ballard pretty hard lately. Also, Max Ernst's "Europe After the Rain" seems to go well with this. The CD ends with a poignant track from Necropolis, Amphibians and Reptiles, an interpretation of the poetry of Adolf Woelfli that Revell did with NWW & DDAA.
Cat. number: SPK 3 CD
Year: 1992

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