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Jean-Marc Foussat


Label: Creel Pone

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Recorded in 1981 & issued “privately” in 1983 (on Jean Marc Foussat’s own Pyjama imprint) this is a screamer of a record, taking in a decidedly unique approach to minimal musique concrète assemblage (there’s an emphasis on presenting banal, interstitial in-situ sound-events [coughs, footsteps] that reminds of Luc Ferrari one minute ... before a sudden barrage of jackhammer-noise, plunderphonic mangling [is that ... Barbra Streisand !?!], and high-end oscillator scree takes over pushing this closer, aesthetically, to the early industrial forms that were just starting to take root.) Heavily featuring Foussat’s virtuoso EMS Synthi stylings (his range of sounds & incredible technique presages contemporary players such as Thom Lehn) the proceedings go from whisper-quiet to full-on apocalyptic abandon in a heartbeat. In my dreams there are shops in exotic beach-side towns that contain racks full of contemporaneous records with this level of stylistic abandon & next-level technical prowess, and yet I’ve, thus far, only had the pleasure to discover this one.

Cat. number: CP 157 CD
Year: 2017