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giacinto scelsi

Action Music
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giacinto scelsi - Action Music

giacinto scelsi

Action Music

€ 16.50

GENRE: | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. 0012312KAI | YEAR. (2003)

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Giacinto Scelsi’s relationship with the piano is interesting and contradictory. For no other instrument has the Italian composer and poet composed so many pieces; to no other instrument does he seem so closely attached, both personally and biographically; and no other instrument disappeared so abruptly and finally from his scores as the piano, the European showcase instrument. With the piano, we can follow the break lines and develop-ments in the musical thinking and works of Giacinto Scelsi, which are key to an understanding of his striking compositional development.
As late piano compositions, Action music and Suite Nr. 8 mark a transition to Giacinto Scelsi’s new musical language: the exploration of the individual sound, the inclination to a sound-energetic agglomeration, the gesture of improvisation - all this is also clearly discernable in both his works.

Notes   Tracklisting
Recording: Sendesaal Radio Bremen, 17.-20.4.2001
 Action Music No. 1 For Piano (1958) (18:01)
1   I. Poco Piu Mosso, Veloce (2:23)
2   II. Iniziando E Subito Accelerando... (1:38)
3   III. Lento Dolce (Tutto Col Palmo Della Mano) (1:25)
4   IV. Martellato (1:14)
5   V. Violento (2:45)
6   VI. Brillante (2:06)
7   VII. Pesante (2:09)
8   VIII. Veloce (1:41)
9   VIII. Con Fuoco (2:35)
 Suite No. 8 For Piano (1952) (29:51)
10   I. Agitato (4:04)
11   II. Non Troppo Sostenuto (7:00)
12   III. - (5:29)
13   IV. Lento (4:44)
14   V. Lento (3:35)
15   VI. Lento (4:56)