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Burning Orange

Label: Pica Disk

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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The CD consists of two complete sets; one Incapacitants as a duo and on the second joined by finnish noise-connoisseur Tommi Kernen (Testicle Hazard) as a trio under the name of Fumio Tommiakawa (a take on Gomikawa Fumio; the trio of Pain Jerk and Incapacitants). The sound of Incapacitants is described in the liner notes of Burning Orange by Tommi Kernen as an inspiring, pure, all-encompassing, ecstatic storm of sound that has a power of near-religious proportions Ð and that alone, without any unnecessary gimmicks. That celebratory ecstasy certainly comes across on Burning Orange, of which Kernen also handled the post-production under the supervision of Mikawa.
Cat. number: PICA006
Year: 2008