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u. s. steel cello ensemble

featuring Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler
€ 15.00
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u. s. steel cello ensemble - featuring Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler

u. s. steel cello ensemble

featuring Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler

€ 15.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. Klangbad 48CD | YEAR. (2011)

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Bob Rutman has invented what may well be the largest stringed instrument ever made. with a bow made of fishing line, he bows the suspension of a gigantic steel sail and in this way creates drones whose volume is not unlike the noise of a plane taking off. we might be reminded of russolo and 'the art of noise' by the futurists, or of machine music or industrial. and we're right and wrong there. of course, simply the look of rutman's steel cello gives a martial impression. so, it's not surprising that in 1998, he was successful in playing support for the einsturzende neubauten while they were touring the united states. yet, rutman's work doesn't have the cold, dehumanized character which is part of the nature of industrial music. in rutman's music, even its grinding and rasping soundscapes, which rub against each other like huge layers of feedback, sound warm and personal. this album doesn't simply document the enormous range of sounds that can be created by a unique instrument. it is, in addition, a document of a musician coming to terms artistically with his impressions of war - being, as he is, from a generation who personally experienced the noise of fighter
aircraft and bomb attacks. hans joachim irmler, founding member of the group faust, who also runs the label "klangbad" and organises the festival of the same name, has already made his mark with countless collaborations. his favorite instrument is the organ, but for the steel cello ensemble, he also acts as guitar player. the experienced drummer, kersten ginsberg, adds his own special twist to the typically krautrock-like "sewing machine drums" by using shuffle rhythms.

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