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Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ - excerpt
File under: DIYPost-Punk

Sewn Leather

Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ (Lp)

Label: Phase!

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Sewn Leather is a trigger, a road warrior, the punk that can be smoked. Somewhere between Whitehouse nihilism, Wolf Eyes' high pitched suffocation and evil Prodigy rhythmology, Griifin Pyn re-invents the 21st century punk! On "Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ", he offers his four latest (and yet cleanest) songs, soaked in battery acid, swallow-ready for the confusion generation. Sewn Leather is real.
Edition of 200 copies w/ 1-color offset covers.

File under: DIYPost-Punk
Cat. number: H026
Year: 2014