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Menses - excerpt

Maurizio Bianchi

Gene - P

Limited edition of 100 copies in digipack. Decompostion for electrostatic loops and genewaves, conceived and released in April 1980 at Mectpyo Studio in Milan, Italy. Dedicated to the genetic puritanism. Originally released as a private cassette in 1980. Remastered from original tape.  'Gene P' was released as a cassette in 1980, and among the true Maurizio Bianchi devotees old = best.
On the first track (both tracks are untitled) Bianchi uses tape-loops of what could vaguely sound like gamelan music, or wind chimes. Its music with not many changes, music that is not loud and actually quite pleasing.
The other side is more experimental. It uses vinyl, scratchy vinyl that is, with the needle jumping all over the place. Its a bit much experiment for the sake of experiment for me here. A most typical work from the years of cassette releases.
Cat. number: LH112
Year: 2019

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