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horde catalytique pour la fin

Gestation Sonore
€ 15.00
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horde catalytique pour la fin - Gestation Sonore
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horde catalytique pour la fin

Gestation Sonore

€ 15.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. MMP404 | YEAR. (2010)

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Long deleted, few copies available: "Gestation Sonore" is the only album to be released by the French improvisational quartet "Horde Catalytique Pour La Fin"; which rightfully found its way onto the infamous Nurse With Wound list. The four piece line-up consisted of Richard Accart (Saxophone tenor, flutes), Francky Bourlier (Harpe de verrer, flute, vibraphone, percussions), Jacques Fassola (Contrebasse, guitar, banjo, Orgue a bouche) and Gil Sterg (Drums and percussion).

Released in 1971 on the legendary Futura label, this ultra-rare LP binds the idiocratic tendencies of Free-Jazz and Avant-garde into four intriguing tracks. Staying true to their improvisational ideals the album was record entirely without a predetermined score; with each group member focusing their spontaneous creativity to connect an effortless mind flow between the individual musicians. References for this band come from far and wide, with leafs being taken from likes of early improvisational-ist AMM and Limbus 3. The album weaves its way through dark and moody passages crowned with droning psych like characteristics, only to abruptly cut loose with Skronky onslaughts.

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