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andrew poppy

Infernal Furniture
€ 7.50
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andrew poppy - Infernal Furniture

andrew poppy

Infernal Furniture

€ 7.50

LABEL: The Tapeworm
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: TAPE | CATALOG N. TTW45 | YEAR. (2012)

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Infernal Furniture is a collection of piano sonatas, backed with a version -- "Infernal Dub Furniture" -- where the recordings are subjected to the studio effects of delay and reverb, changing the surface and meaning of the music. The piano pieces themselves are drawn from the collection 10 Sonatas Ten (2010). Piano and electronic processing by; composed and produced by Andrew Poppy. Mastered by Zachary James Watkins. Ultra-Red's Dont Rhine writes: "A provocative proposition; Satie meets dub procedures. It makes me think about the erased link between jazz improvisation and dub where, in the latter, the improvised instrument is the mixing deck. If, as Cardew said, improvisation is the search for a sound to interpret a context, dub raises the stakes of that hermeneutic to the fight against Babylon. And then there's "Infernal Dub Furniture." To reinsert the anti-Eurocentric pulse back into the Euro-soundscape of Satie (the most Euro of Euro-soundscapes) is very subversive. This brings to mind Terre Thaemlitz's project of several yearsa go, rendering the roboticism of Kraftwerk, Devo and Gary Numan according to the principles of rubato -- all done via step-time programming. It's always interesting how this dubbing (or queering, as Terre would insist) also unleashes an affect of melancholy. An affect for a world whose evidence is unseen and unheard. But deeply desired." --Dont Rhine, Hollywood, CA, February 3, 2012.

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This blasted cassette is a pesky product of the diabolical Tapeworm – "…and a bed and a woman in a nightdress"
TTW#45, copyright 2012 The Tapeworm.

Edition of 150 copies.

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