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L'Era del Cinghiale Bianco - excerpt 1
L'Era del Cinghiale Bianco - excerpt 2
L'Era del Cinghiale Bianco - excerpt 3

Franco Battiato

L'Era Del Cinghiale Bianco (40th Remastered Edition) LP

Label: Universal

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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L'Era del Cinghiale Bianco (The White Boar Era) marks the clamorous Pop turning point of Franco Battiato. Created with the fundamental help of violinist Giusto Pio, this work is widely considered a masterpiece, and in 1979 it changed the destiny of Italian music forever.
Essentially, it is an album of transition: between past and future, between Prog experimentalism and a new intellectual form of Pop influenced by the New Wave.


The title of the album draws inspiration from a Celtic myth, according to which The White Boar Era was the time of Absolute Knowledge, and in all the songs there is plenty of references to esotericism, exoticism and spirituality. Moreover, the lyrics are also a perfect exercise in sarcasm, quotationism, hermeticism and social criticism, an unmistakable trademark of Battiato.


The album is now available again on vinyl with updated artwork, after forty years since its original release.

Cat. number: UPC 00602508119088
Year: 2019

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