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Bruno Nicolai

La dama rossa uccide sette volte

Label: Dagored

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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For the first time ever on vinyl, Dagored bring us Bruno Nicolai’s legendary score for the Italian giallo classic La Dama Rossa Uccide 7 Volte (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times). The film was first released in 1971 and tells the story of two young women who are haunted by a family portrait depicting a Red Queen who every 100 years comes to life to kill seven times. It is a classic film of its genre and now thanks to Beyond Horror Design and Dagored, its score is being put on wax for the first time.  This is an exciting release for anyone who is a fan of this films brilliant score and is truely history in the making! Bruno Nicolai met Morricone when they were both studying at Rome’s Santa Cecilia music academy. Bruno Nicolai was the conductor on many of the maestro’s scores from For a Few Dollars More onwards, but also found himself with plenty of composing work of his own throughout the 60s and 70s. Nicolai became almost as prolific as the maestro himself, particularly within the western and giallo genres. The Red Queen… is a great example of his giallo work. It has a distinctive and memorable main theme, and a second ascending piano-led theme that accompanies some of the suspense sequences. The first instance of the main theme comes right at the beginning, hauntingly sung by a small child on ‘Preludio & Titoli’. In ‘Minaccia’ we find that heavy suspense/chase bassline that Nicolai so often used in his giallo and Jess Franco scores, lush, atmospheric, and decidedly ‘euro’.

Cat. number: RED209
Year: 2015

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