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Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre

Live in Lovere, 1979

Label: Private

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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"vibrant unissued live set which moves from free passages (side a) to more ethnic influences atmospheres (side b). my fav Kalaparusha (one of the real outsiders) album so far; those new live tracks sounds totally different from the the black saint studio album which was rec. only two days after ?!" punzmann

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, an outstanding saxophonist was a founding member of the AACM, Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, a pioneering Chicago avant-garde coalition. Mr. McIntyre had an earthy, imploring sound on tenor sax, and could evoke the keen bluster of hard bop even as he pushed toward free-form abstraction. He also played flute, clarinet and percussion, and occasionally performed in face paint and tribal costume. “At times, the music sounded like a West African procession,” Robert Palmer wrote of his playing in a 1976 New York Times concert review. “On tenor, Mr. McIntyre paced himself by alternating multinoted flurries with broad, stately melodies, and with phrases as old as the blues.”

Cat. number: nc
Year: 2015

- ltd/numbered 1/69, with paste-on cover (front & back with notes)

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