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Walter Marchetti

De Musicorum Infelicitate

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

Walter Marchetti "De musicorum infelicitate" is now presented in a new 2LP edition limited to only 70 copies, issued to celebrate the sound installation created for the Oeuvres sonores  event conceived in collaboration with the New Media Department of Centre Pompidou in Paris. This new edition also includes the Centre Pompidou 16-page program as well as a copy of the now sold out Bullshit Detector magazine published by Fondazione Mudima in 2001 on the occasion of the Walter Marchetti installation in their art space.


"De musicorum infelicitate" (i.e., "The Unhappiness of Music"), or "Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations" dispose in their unceasing and implacable sequence the landing at an anaphorical finis terrae, the extreme and impassable threshold, beyond which music can but sink in the abyss of its own loss of consciousness, in front of the horizon of the definitive loss of its exhausted tradition. "De musicorum infelicitate" , anamnesis of the condition of music, a barren aesthetic code ineluctably suspended between self-mystification and expression of the inauthentic, having reached the limit of its own fertility and every faculty of the imagination. "De musicorum infelicitate" , longing for a magniloquent destructio musicae, the destruction of an administrated practice, of a tautological exercise devoid of inner necessity. As Gabriele Bonomo, the project coordinator of the complete Walter Marchetti editions for Alga Marghen, remarks in the liner notes, music has been reduced to leading a ghostly existence, haunting the cemetery of history and frustrated by the impossibility to adhere to itself; if only music were able to recognize its own superfluity it could fulfill its destiny. While listening to these “Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations, each one with the precise duration of six minutes, you will realize that music, this extremely dense sonority close to the pulverization limit, is talking about itself.

Cat. number: plana-M Alga015B
Year: 2013

2LP record + inserts. Edition limited to 70 copies

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