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Walter Marchetti

De Musicorum Infelicitate

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: BOOK + 2LP

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

edition limited to 300 copies only, and long sold out now, the spectacular hardcover book and gatefold double LP presentation... "Two years ago Alga Marghen issued the third compact disc by Walter Marchetti, the mysterious and inaccessible De musicorum infelicitate. The edition included a folded poster with the presentation written by Gabriele Bonomo, a series of aphorisms to introduce the listeners to this work. The composer had then decided to let this edition circulate with no extra information looking at it as a perfect final statement. But a complete score was existing, and what a score. And it took several months to convince him to let it be printed as a book in order to provide a new perspective to this multi-layer cryptic 'unhappiness of music'. For this is not only the score of a great composition but also a series of statements which help us to enter the composer's epistemology and his point of view about music, creation and our contemporary condition in general.


Now as we approach the end, music seems to hasten our pace; now that the word is mantled in a vast cloak incessant vibrations and, sadly, everything is becoming music; now it was the perfect right time to issue this precious book. A book with no poetic moments, never obscured by art, never the servant of art, meant to give an immediate image of music. Such a book could only be published as a high quality industrial object, album hardbound, 200 pages in DIN A 4 size, published in English and Italian, issued in an edition limited to 300 copies only.
Music! Deadly dust for the mind. The world as music: a cosmic catastrophe. At this point, music remains in possession of only a single sound; all the others have been discarded. The last sound is recorded on the double-LP, as well as the complete painful variations previously issued on the Alga Marghen CD with the same title."

Walter Marchetti De musicorum infelicitate - Borgovico33

Cat. number: MARGHEN 15
Year: 2007

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