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Omicron/Omega 10LP Box
€ 210.00
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various - Omicron/Omega 10LP Box


Omicron/Omega 10LP Box

€ 210.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: Vinyl LPx10 + 7 | CATALOG N. omicron-rho-sigma-tau-upsilon-chi-psi-omega | YEAR. (2011)

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**very last copies** A certified masterpiece! One monumental box set containing 10 (ten!) unreleased before LPs: an adventurous, spacious and varied oxet blossoming into the label you have known and loved ever since, always on the move; forward, sideways, upwards, backwards. Spread over the 10 LPs, you get the finest selection of rarities and previously-unreleased tracks. Not only that, the package itself is nothing short of excellent, with its newly-designed handmade box, and individual handmade covers...This is simply a treasure! 50 copies (numbered) with hand-made boxes by qbico (aquamarine matte paper with red, black and green tiny dots here and there, white paper inside (numbered on bottom right corner)


Conrad Schnitzler, Klaus Freudigmann, Wolfgang Seidel and friends

"when i did the Kluster box i had too choose from 6 CDs that the late Con sent me, all (except Beta) were +/- 60 minutes long. to fit an LP size and to make a box under two Kg. (for shipping reasons) i had to make max 6 albums and stay max at 40/45 minutes lenght. so these are the missing parts, in this way you'll have the complete music that Con originally sent me. Beta side miss only 7 minutes, so it was not worth press that one, plus missing part of Ex was released already as a one-sided in the Kluster ltd ed set. example: if you wanna hear the complete Asa rec. you'd play side A from the Kluster box, Asa side from this box (middle part) and to finish the B side from the Kluster box record."
rec. in Berlin, 1969/1972
unissued ASA (middle part), side A/CVC (beginning) side B/DAV (end) side C/FUGI (end) side D


"this was sent to me by the late Con a while ago... for sure one of the greatest musician and xhol who rec. for qbico. he wrote me few days before he passed away, saying it was nice with you and i remember that i replied to him the very day he passed away (August 4th)."
  SIGMA LP HARTMUT GEERKEN / MICHAEL RANTA- The Heliopolar egg, Bangkok, Dec. 11, 1976

"as with Kluster, i wanted to make it complete: this is the only missing gig that Hartmut sent me. also with the Heliopolar box i had to press max 6 albums, for shipment reasons... at radom i placed all the CDs on the floor and pick up the one which'd stay out... hoping that one day i'll find the right occasion to make it available. this is probably one of my favourite gig, along with Manila."

Hartmut Geerken
piano, prepared piano, piano strings, tibetan tingshak, water tingshak, waldteufel, mokkatam pot rattles, bells, water bells, sleigh bells, gongs, water gongs, tibetan boo-chals, water boo-chals,
musical clock, tibetan horn, singing tube, maracas, wood block, temple blocks, peking opera gongs, castagnets, lead camel bell, short-wave receiver, swarmandal, whistles,
argool, monkey drum, toy xylophone, lion bell, gopichand, egyptian cymbals & sagat, waterphone, voice, toy glockenspiele, thumb piano

Michael Ranta
mallet instruments (xylophone, marimba, metallophone, vibraphone), tabla, flexatone, castagnets, japanese oboe, argool, gongs, tamtams,
short-wave receiver, chinese violin (er-hu, jung-hu), wood block, echo machine, cup bells, indian israj, vco, vcf, vocals

artwork by Michael Ranta


"that was sent to me by Sabu a while ago... to be sincere i remember that i asked for more to Sabu and he then sent me the rec. i released as qbico 95... well, i re-listened to this live rec. with more attention and finally i realized that it's a subtle gem ! a typically & unique Japanese take on free music... with Mototeru san never been too much wild in his playing, but more focused on sound.and still out there.. under Sabu's spare rhythm... fortunatly i kept it aside..."

Sabu Toyozumi- drums, percussion / Mototeru Takagi- tenor sax - rec. January 17, 1994 Tokyo
side B STEVE BACZKOWSKI/RAVI PADMANABHA - Improvisations, 2005

"beautiful spontaneous improvisations from this underrated duo. i had it laying around for a while 'cos i never find the right occasion to present it as a one-side.... until now."
SB- bombarde, kalimba, flute & percussion, RP- frame drum, tabla & percussion - artwork by Michael Straub
"that's for sure one of Doyle's craziest rec. ever ! my original plan was to make a series of one-sides with cut corners covers, to finish the series with the Live in Nashville & Louisville full LP (and no cut corners), which finally came out Sagittarius... i also originally tought that two sides of that punk stuff was too much !? so, with this new side, you got the complete concert."

Arthur Doyle- tenor sax, recorder / Wilber Morris- bass / Rashid Bakr- drums .rec. August 9, 1997

  CHI 2LP Mr. QBICO ORCHESTRA- Live at Studio Kuu

"lot of fond memories here... that magical Tour of Finland with the Jooklos and Tero, all the way up to Rovaniemi, Lapland... we finsihed the tour on the 23rd in Helsinki were we played in a kind of trendy bar and were with great pleasure i saw a kool fella menace some of my friends on stage with a bottle, kindly asking to stop playing that shit !? on the 25th all the Finnish brotherhood united at hip Studio Kuu (moon in Finnish): Reverend Simo (from Black Motor), Sami the Pekkola man (from Mohel), Teroooo (from Rauhan Orchesteri), Taneli & Hermanni (from Boris Morgana), Vapaa and Tulasi folks, Eero savela funk... it was also Virginia's birthday and me & David gave her a soprano as a present... she was all red... the moon was high and the vibes was right... ah, Tero then sent me the recordings and on the CDs it was written Mr. Qbico Orchestra... an honour !"

Eero Savela- trumpet, Simo Laihonen- bamboo flutes, perc, Virginia Genta- soprano, tenor sax, perc, Sami Pekkola- tenor sax, perc, Tiitus Petäjäniemi- alto sax, Taneli Viitahuhta- baritone sax,
J. Koho- harmonium, perc, Qbico- organ, perc, Hermanni Yli-Tepsa- violin, Marko Ylianttila- electric guitar, recordings, Tero Kemppainen- bass, David Vanzan- drums, perc. - rec. August 25, 2008 Helsinki. artworks by Mayra & Troglosound
"rare music from Makoto, one of his very 1st group and earliest rec."

Makoto Kawabata and friends, rec. early 80's in Nara, Japan - 4 cassettes had been issued back then, in very very ltd quantities. Artwork by Bobby BeauSoleil
"i know about the existence of another DRC rec. since at least 2005... a live one (among few friends) ! well, Makoto waited before i turned 40 last year to give it to me (along with Mura) in person ! so special indeed ! i started & ended qbico with the Dark Revolution Collective, now the circle is complete."

Makoto Kawabata- hand-made percussion, synth / Tetsushi Kawagishi- hand-made percussion / Yasuo Iwaki- hand-made percussion . rec. Nara, Japan, 1979 artwork by Bobby BeauSoleil

Notes   Tracklisting
10 x LP BOX, limited to 26 copies only numbered from A to Z
with an exclusive qbico's portrait by Bobby Beausoleil as insert and with an extra 7"
A     KLUSTER AND FRIENDS- 1969-1972 –     CVC (beginning)         
B     KLUSTER AND FRIENDS- 1969-1972 –     DAV (end)         
C     KLUSTER AND FRIENDS- 1969-1972 –     FUGI (end)         
D     KLUSTER AND FRIENDS- 1969-1972 –     unissued ASA (middle part)         
A     CONRAD SCHNITZLER –     Film music 1975         
B     CONRAD SCHNITZLER –     Film music 1975         
A     HARTMUT GEERKEN/MICHAEL RANTA –     The Heliopolar egg, Bangkok, Dec. 11, 1976        B     HARTMUT GEERKEN/MICHAEL RANTA –     The Heliopolar egg, Bangkok, Dec. 11, 1976       
A     SABU TOYOZUMI/MOTOTERU TAKAGI –     Live at Barber Fuji         
B     SABU TOYOZUMI/MOTOTERU TAKAGI –     Live at Barber Fuji         
A     ARTHUR DOYLE/WILBER MORRIS/RASHID BAKR –     Live at the Alterknit, NYC         
B     ARTHUR DOYLE/WILBER MORRIS/RASHID BAKR –     Live at the Alterknit, NYC         
A     STEVE BACZKOWSKI/RAVI PADMANABHA –     Improvisations, 2005         
B     STEVE BACZKOWSKI/RAVI PADMANABHA –     Improvisations, 2005         
A     Mr. QBICO ORCHESTRA –     Live at Studio Kuu         
B     Mr. QBICO ORCHESTRA –     Live at Studio Kuu         
A     Makoto Kawabata and friends –     rec. early 80's in Nara, Japan         
B     Makoto Kawabata and friends –     rec. early 80's in Nara, Japan         
A     DARK REVOLUTION COLLECTIVE –     Live