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File under: Japan

The Taj-Mahal Travellers, Les Rallizes Denudes

Oz days live

Label: Private

Format: CDx2 digipack

Genre: Psych

Out of stock

Ltd pressing of only 300 copies, long gone and sold out. This is the reissue of this legendary LP – with Taj Mahal Travelers, Minami Masato, Acid Seven and Hadaka no Rallizes aka Les Rallizes Denudes. Without a single doubt, this bloodsucker of a disc is one of THE holy grails of the Japanese early seventies lysergic psych scene, together with Speed Glue & Shinki, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers and People/Ceremony. Privately released in a tiny edition on the OZ Days label way back in 1973, the record was and is till this day the only legitimate recording on vinyl to feature the Rallizes and Acid Seven. Each of the four bands has a whole site to their disposal onto which they were allowed to open up the sonic floodgates to Valhalla. The music on the other hand is completely stellar, mind boggling and just jaw droppingly great, leaving you, the listener, gasping for air on several moments while spinning this disc since your vital organs will just forget to function properly upon being exposed to this archeological sonic gem. Kosugi's clitter-clatter Fluxus induced ramshackle psychedelic drone unit the Taj Mahal Travelers put down a stunning outer worldly and almost transcendental performance, there where the Rallizes venture into an ephedrine soaked sub-linear universe of ear ripping feedback and slowed down stroboscopic madness.

File under: Japan
Cat. number: oz 1/2 cd
Year: 2008

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