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peeter uuskyla - peter brötzmann

Red Cloud On Silver
€ 27.90
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peeter uuskyla - peter brötzmann - Red Cloud On Silver

peeter uuskyla - peter brötzmann

Red Cloud On Silver

€ 27.90

LABEL: Omlott
GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: LPx2 | CATALOG N. MLR 006/7 | YEAR. (2015)

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Double LP. Brotzmann  has worked quite often with Swedish drummer Peeter Uuskyla (e.g. on Dead  and Useless) since 1997 and in general the reeds/drums line-up is something he feels very comfortable with. His duos with Han Bennink, Hamid Drake, Paal Nilssen-Love and Steve Noble belong to best releases in free jazz.  Uusklya cannot quite keep up with these drummers because they are able to challenge him. Uuskyla is more the supporting kind of a drummer on this album.

My favorite passage is on side B when Brötzmann plays a particularly tender version of the “Master of  a Small House” theme, one of three or four themes he likes to integrate especially in solo and duo performances, Brötzmann once told me. Uuskyla simply drops out here, then he adds a just a few sparse few sounds, which is just perfect. And then it is him who pulls Brötzmann back to rougher waters. In  general Red Cloud on Silver is a rather  rough, torn and bumpy album.  Red Cloud on Silver is available on double vinyl. It’s an edition of 300 only, so you better be quick. (Freejazzblog)

Notes   Tracklisting

Recorded live at Nefertiti, Gothenburg, Sweden, February 6, 2014.

Edition of 300 copies.

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