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Joachim Nordwall

Soul Music 2

Label: Entr'acte

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Swedish iDEALIST, Joachim Nordwall spills the psychic contents of his skull temple in Soul Music 2, just over two year since his 1st volume, also for Entr’acte. Technically a collaboration with Dungeon Acid on percussion, this album pursues a rich seam of solo releases under Nordwall’s own name since 2010 with a typically ascetic approach to hypnotic, icy minimalism, dissonant tone and plaintive rhythm.

As you might expect from a core member of The Skull Defekts, Fire! Orchestra, and Saturn and the Sun - among many others - it’s psychotropic in intent, and executed with a fine balance of loose, whacked-out improvisation and ritualist vision revealing his soul like the results of some Ayahuasca ceremony, or a weekend on the reindeer pish.

He traverses seven tracks distilling the “Energy and power of the pulse” from the atomised atmospheres and underlying throb of Blow My Mind thru the cranky waltz of Solar Skull with its buzzing, tribal sounding strings, which also billow out with howling oscillators or vocals into High Speed Self Destructor, before focussing on globular bass and salty blips with Psychic Reality and roiling into eyes-in-back-of-head mode with Slave to the Rave Ritual and dancing on your nerve-ends with the lacquer-bubbling Black Stain on my Brain.

Cat. number: E200
Year: 2015

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