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Schnebel - Funf Inventionen

Michael Bach

The Art of the Curved Bow, Vol. 1

Label: Mode

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional Form

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The Curved Bow, or BACH Bow, gives string-players the unique ability to play up to all four strings simultaneously — an impossibility with today's bow. Some believe that the curved bow was used during Bach's time, in the 20th century it was championed by the likes of Albert Schweitzer. It is a device with incredible potential for new and old repertoire, shedding new musical light on the works in which it is employed. Michael Bach has been playing with the curved bow for many years, continually developing his technique and the design of the bow itself. His mastery of the curved-bow brought him to the attention of John Cage, who worked with Bach on some late works utilizing the special techniques of the curved bow (“One8” on Mode 141). Here Michael Bach performs Bach's Cello Suite in C major along with two works by Dieter Schnebel, an innovative composer of Europe's post-war generation. Schnebel's Mit Diesen Händen is a powerful work for cello and mezzo-soprano to a harrowing poem of Heinrich Böll. Michael Bach is also a visual artist — the CD comes with a full-sized poster of his art to Böll's poem, liner notes by Schnebel and an essay on the curved bow by James Pritchett.

Cat. number: mode 052
Year: 1996

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