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count hejnowski - chris corsano - michael flower

The Count Visits
€ 17.90
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count hejnowski - chris corsano - michael flower - The Count Visits

count hejnowski - chris corsano - michael flower

The Count Visits

€ 17.90

GENRE: Jazz | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. HOT 014LP | YEAR. (2011)

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"Recorded at Brooklyn's Issue Project Room, this live burble features Flower on Japan Banjo, Corsano on tubs and Heyner (or Bobby McGee or Count 'fucking' Chocula or whatever he's calling himself here) doubling on bass (three tracks) and tubs (one track). Corsano's in his ferocious carpet bomb mode, laying down a thick lumpy rug of imaginary bubble wrap for the others to prance upon, and prance they do. Flower's doing a kind of China Pig upward spiraling wail on his axe, and Heyner (I mean Popeye or is it Count Floyd?) is bowing the shit out of his bass like some kinda arco dervish from the center of the earth. But it's not all outward splange, here. No sir. There are other passages in the improv set that would make Matt Valentine put down his mug of butter beer, looks you right in the eye and say, 'Dude, that is smokin'.' What Matt would probably mean is that it sounds at times like these guys have been smoking cheeb and playing the kind of beautiful notes that reportedly fill the heads of those who indulge. And frankly, I'm not sure if these three are users or not, but if they are, you'll want some of what they're using. 'Cause it sounds fucking tasty. Is it possible Corsano has been wearing a baldie-cap all these years and that he's actually a secret hippie? Not sure, but Flower has never been shy about his locks, nor has Heyner (or Emett Otter or whoever). So maybe Corsano's been packing 'inner hair' all this time. Well, bully for him, I say. If this is what hippies sounds like, I declare peace with their whole tribe." --Byron Coley

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Recorded 26 & 27 October 2009, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, New York

Cover Painting: M Williams

Thanks: L Kumpf, J Moloney, S O'Shea, MV and EE, Ashtray Navigations, A Skipper

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