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The Hafler Trio

The name of someone

Label: Korm Plastics

Format: CDx2

Genre: Experimental

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15 minutes? more like fifteen lifetimes - and who's to deny it? certainly not YHN. did we laugh? possibly not. and here are the pieces of the orders that were left behind that weren't seen through a projector. well, what did you respect? featuring the soundtrack to various artists, this package sets the standard for documentation, and is a cautionary tale that perhaps no others can tell. famous names, lots of ice cream. our head is not half-price, and we will not be caught with our last wishes in the the downward position! so er...! yeah.. right. erm, yes. it took more than that to write. so CONSUME as if it was SOUP! This double CD contains three previous Hafler Trio releases: Brain Song, previously released by Touch (1986), 'Various methods of attaining immortality | three different kinds of seed', previously released as a CD with the book (Antarctica) Brahma (1995-1996) and 'Kuklos', previously released by Touch (1988). This is the final re-issue by The Hafler Trio on Korm Plastics.
Cat. number: p0.3, S111
Year: 2009

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