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Label: Papaaver Records

Format: LP

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This has a cool, underground vibe, due to the sound of the music as well as the primitive recording. Debut album from Swedish psychedelic/progressive band. 9 tracks of ambitious, spooky 1970s psychedelia with atmospheric and cosmic sounds. With Swedish lyrics and focus on guitars, that are often quite fuzzed out. Compared to their 2nd album, “Gudang garam”, this is more in the direction of hippie psych, at times remiscent of both Algarnas Tradgard as well as Trad, Gras & Stenar. The sound have been cleaned up from the mastertape, and of course we add the history behind Radiomöbel in the booklet as well ! 

Cat. number: 002
Year: 2009

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Vinyl LP | €18.90