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Harmony Korine

Trash Humpers

Label: Drag City

Format: DVD

Genre: Sound Art

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In the Summer of 2010, the underground trend of 'trash-humping' JUMPED the NASHVILLE CITY LIMITS as the film Trash Humpers spread across the nation, screening in movie theaters, galleries, bars and grills and anyplace, really, indoors or out, that could draw a crowd to see the thing. Filmmaker Harmony Korine often accompanied the film, standing around and answering questions when he wasn't doing something else. It was something to see, but the only problem was, all you could do once you'd walked away was revisit the images seared into your brain for the rest of your life. Now, the official DVD release of Trash Humpers is here for you to take with you to whatever your destiny has to offer you. You don't know when you're gonna die. It could be tomorrow. But hopefully it won't be until after Trash Humpers becomes available on DVD, complete with the extra featurettes 'Mac and Plac,' and 'Blood of Havana,' as well as deleted scenes that everyone forgot about after making this but are actually kind of cool! About the filmmaker: Harmony Korine has been a party to some of the most enervating films of the last two decades, including Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, and Mister Lonely. Somebody said that Trash Humpers was his most baffling film yet. Okay..." All-region NTSC format; color; mono; total running time: 78 minutes. Includes a bonus 24-page fanzine.
Cat. number: DC 439DVD
Year: 2010

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