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Harmony Korine

The Collected Fanzines (Book)

Label: Drag City

Format: Book

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Reproduces all the original pages, mostly hand-written or featuring primitive xerox art, that were published in small editions, 1992 thru 1999. You're excused if you've never seen or heard of these "fanzines". Influential line: "Janet Jackson thinks Christ is a Hoax." There are many other pages with similar sentiment, but dude, the vibe is a little scurrilous... "Going back through the's so hard to remember, I was always tripping and falling over myself. These 'zines were written over the last fifteen years, mostly in dark rooms and the basements of old people. With names like Adulthood, Foster Homes and Gardens, Pocahontas Monthly, Hümer, and others, they were sold in limited editions out of the Alleged Gallery and Andrea Rosen Gallery. Some were sold on street corners and given away to the tramp sects that were so prominent during that time period. Scraps of paper and half thoughts in the guise of art objects, you see. Not many people actually got a chance to have these but the ones who are still amongst the living have greatly benefited. I know one lady in Panama who has the complete set, her family has stopped referring to her as a gimp, now they call her Sue. They were never meant to be collectible -- just low-concept laugh-inducing juxtapositions of words and images, images and images, lists, monologues, cartoons, free verse, jokes, half-thoughts, fake/real interviews, innuendo and Matt Dillon's phone number. If you sold them on eBay for a bunch of money, I want my cut. Or if you bought them then please spare a percentage to the dyke army and the flame militia, it's a good charity and its ribbon buttons are invisible. Some of them read like letters from prison. I know these were popular in some prisons but I'm not sure why. - Harmony Korine

Cat. number: DC 380BK

Trade paperback approx. 350 pages. 

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