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Morton Feldman

Triadic Memories (2Cd)

Label: Mode

Format: double CD

Genre: Compositional

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Performed by Marilyn Nonken, recorded 2003. "The place Triadic Memories takes us is full of illusions, not only of function and direction but also of timelessness and stasis. This almost 90 minute, single movement work for solo piano is available in two formats: as a specially priced 2-CD set and complete and uninterrupted on one DVD-Audio. There is no indication of tempo. For this recording, Ms. Nonken chose a steady eighth-note pulse throughout that approximates the heart rate at rest. Unfolding in time at this rate, the work's geography its rapturous peaks and long, low valleys is brought into relief. Of Ms. Nonken's October 2003 performance of Triadic Memories, John Rockwell wrote in The New York Times:'Ms. Nonken played it with a relaxed, almost rubber-wristed calm, caressing the keys without losing rhythmic definition. A lovely performance of a lovely piece'."

Cat. number: mode 136cd
Year: 1970

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