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Included in:

    Morton Subotnick

    Volume 2: Electronics Works

    Label: Mode

    Format: DVD

    In stock


    Multi-channel electronic works in Surround Sound. Morton Subotnick was a phenomenon in the late '60s, the first composer to write substantial works for synthesizer that had a wide audience. He has been mentor to generations of composers, and his influence is so pervasive that it would be impossible to trace completely - the electronica movement, for one, reveres him. This release brings together two of his classic analog electronic works which were previously only available on LP.

    The DVD includes additional video:

    • Subotnick and Tony Martin in conversation about their histories and collaborations (about 60 minutes).
    • Subotnick speaks about his childhood through early years of composing (about 30 minutes).
    • Documentary showing Tony Martin's process to create the liquid light show for Sidewinder.
    Cat. number: mode 132
    Year: 2004
    Genre: Electronic