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We Shall Overtone


Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Long overdue second release by Renato for LVD.  As with Horse Frenzy and his contributions to the Invisible Pyramid and Crows of the World comp, Renato shows his unique vision for what music can be; drawing comparisons to virtually nothing else out there.  More varied that his previous Hoarse Frenzy, WSO integrates elements of folk, pure electronic experimentation, and even elements of jazz--building at times into highly satisfying complex structures, ebbing away creating new patterns.  For those who are out there looking for the post-post rock, the weirder weird America (I know, I know, Renato is not American), or a new entry for their increasingly abstract music collection, this is the one you want to pick up.  Perhaps best of all, there's something organic and comfortable about this album, even though it never really becomes any kind of music you can attach at name to.
Cat. number: LVD 135
Year: 2010

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