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33 1/3

Label: Important Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Ostensibly a tribute to the ensemble’s influences from the late 20th century avant-garde and out/free jazz movements, 33 1/3 is an imposing and monolithic effort from Smegma, the long-standing, Portland-based underground noise collective. 33 1/3 finds the ensemble focusing heavily on electronics and bizarre vocal affectations on this outing, which relies on a framework of abstract free jazz as its basic foundation. It can be safely said, however, that Smegma’s material on the album defiantly refuses, as is the nature of any artist associated with the Los Angeles Free Music Society, to fit neatly into any particular genre. 33 1/3 is Smegma's tribute to their 20th century avant-garde and out-jazz influences. The title is one part reference to the happy revival of passionate vinyl listening in the 21st century and one part celebration of their long hard slog of 33 1/3 years of being one of the most free thinking and original American underground groups. Their focus, ideas and determination has brought them through more than three decades and to this day they remain unparalleled, original and highly influential.
33 1/3 is enhanced with live videos of Happy Holidays live at End Times Festival (with Spencer Yeh and Twig Harper) as well as Grubsteak live at the Three Million Tongues festival in Chicago.
Cat. number: 137
Year: 2007

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