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A year of the aural gauge operation
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3/4hadbeeneliminated - A year of the aural gauge operation


A year of the aural gauge operation

€ 14.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. H. 26 | YEAR. (2005)

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3/4's new album, A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation, was recorded in their own studio in Bologna along 2004. It features nine songs composed after live improvisations, all of them quite different in genre, but again 3/4's aim is to create a psychedelic musical flow, one in which new elements and different styles can be superimposed to enrich and develop the peculiar narrative of the album. We generally think of it as a opera.

"A collection of off-centre songs verging on psychedelia old and new, its sound is so dense that you need to blast it out at full volume to get the best from it. Guitars and drumming are conspicuous, even as they're counterweighted by the group's customary clicks and hums.This time voice is one of the main elements. At times it comes from a distance, as if thinned down by constant chiselling; elsewhere there are mourning chants, punctuated by constellations of percussive disturbance. Drowned in a sea of dark loops similar to Philip Jeck's darkest work, the effect can be ghostlike. In places the group drop fragments of attempted lyricism between scattered notes" (daniela cascella, TheWire)

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