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Best of 2021
Door Open at 8 AM - Excerpt 1
Door Open at 8 AM - Excerpt 2
For the first time on cassette, Merzbow's 1999 masterpiece, Door Open at 8 am remastered by Masami Akita, it included new artwork done by Masami Akita himself. Limited edition of 60 copies Worldwide!

** Extremely limited release of 60 Copies World Wide. 30 Copies with normal colored cover artwork, and 30 copies with alternative colors. Both of these are Riso printed artwork, numbered, manufactured at real time duplication to ensure the best sound possible. ** Introducing Masami Akita's homage to free-jazz. Door Open at 8am is one of the most adventurous outings made by Merzbow. Recorded during the same era as Aqua Necromancer, this new recording also incorporates the use of sampled sounds. However, this time Akita is paying homage to his love of free jazz, free-jazz drummers to be precise. It includes tracks such as Tony Williams 'Deathspace', 'Lyons Wake', 'Metro and Bus' and an unbelievable cover of John Coltrane's 'The Africa Brass Session, Vol 2'. Aside from the absolutely scorching Coltrane cover, the listener is treated to a variety of sounds never before captured on record. Aside from Masami's trademark blasts of noise, meticulously crafted into gorgeous sound collages, he introduces a much greater importance on the use of subtleties and breaks of silence. There is also a strong electro-acoustic quality surrounding Door Open at 8am.

Cat. number: AC-037
Year: 2021

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