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the red krayola

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the red krayola - Fingerpointing

the red krayola


€ 13.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. DC369 | YEAR. (2018)

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Oh, the difference an "o" makes. While Fingerpainting spoke of creation, Fingerpointing jabs you in the eye. These are Jim O'Rourke's alternate mixes, made from the same "paint" as the original release, but the colors are a different shade. 2008 release. "Free form freak out is dead! Long live free form freak out! Sounds are building blocks, say The Red Krayola, again and, now, again. '60s The Red Krayola began recording because posterity asked for it. Today, they proffer their latest sensational object, Fingerpointing, an antic concept rendered classic, for The Parable of Arable Land is Fingerpainting is Fingerpointing; Fingerpointing is Fingerpainting is The Parable of Arable Land. Fingerpointing follows The Krayola's ur-formula, first elaborated in The Parable of Arable Land (1967), designed to immerse and entertain the listener and confound the FM DJs and anyone else's quest for the perfect segue in a narrative of counter-cultural meaningfulness. Where Fingerpainting reiterates the structure of The Parable, Fingerpointing recapitulates the same structure and the same material as Fingerpainting. It too is a parade of freak outs and songs alternately, and, like its progenitors, a dynamic synthesis that puts in play all that is at stake in the musical relation under the rubric of entertainment. Fingerpointing could have been made for International Artists -- the songs, like flies in amber, are versions of unreleased relics of the day modernity in its ruthless pursuit of its next moment signed away its carefree days of youth. The songs are by Frederick Barthleme, Steve Cunningham and Mayo Thompson. The freak outs are not 'authored' in the usual sense. All of the music was recorded at Treehouse Studio in Pasadena, CA at the same time as the recording of Fingerpainting. It features the performances of David Grubbs, George Hurley, Albert Oehlen, Stephen Prina, Elisa Randazzo, Mayo Thompson, Tom Watson and Sandy Yang. The mix is by Jim O'Rourke. We had to wait ten years for Fingerpainting to achieve its initial level of distributive awareness -- it had taken until 1999 for The Parable of Arable Land! Thanks to compression effects, now hear The Red Krayola elaborate the third material link. Listen and see."

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