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giacinto scelsi

Giacinto Scelsi
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giacinto scelsi - Giacinto Scelsi

giacinto scelsi

Giacinto Scelsi

€ 16.00

GENRE: Compositional Form | FORMAT: CD digipack deluxe | CATALOG N. Ed. RZ 1014 | YEAR. (2005)

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Features 6 works, dating from 1961-1990. "Pranam I En souvenir de la perte tragique de Jani et Sia Christou" (für Stimme, 12 Instrumentalisten und Tonband, 1972); "Anagamin Celui qui choisit de revenir ou pas" (für 12 Streicher, 1965); "Quattro pezzi su una nota sola" (für Kammerorchester, 1959); "Quartetto n. 4", 1964); "Okanagon doit être considéré comme un rite et, si l'on veut, comme le battement de c?ur de la Terre für Harfe" (Tam Tam und Kontrabaß, 1968); "Quartetto n. 2" (1961). "For Giacinto Scelsi, music was above all a manifestation of the energy of sound in the making. Since the early 1950's, at the latest, the idea of sound as a cosmic force, rooted in the Indian notion of music, had become fundamental to his thinking -- from then on, tones and sounds were for him phenomena whose 'depth' had yet to be experienced. Rooted in these assumptions as well is Scelsi's belief that he as subject must completely withdraw, surrendering himself to that which endeavors to free itself through him."

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(P) 2002 LC 08864 GEMA Made in Austria

1   Pranam I En Souvenir De La Perte Tragique De Jani Et Sia Christou (7:05)
2   Anagamin Celui Qui Choisit De Revenir Ou Pas (7:28)
  Quattro Pezzi (Su Una Nota Sola) (15:28)
3   I (2:44)
4   II (4:32)
5   III (3:55)
6   IV (4:17)
7   Quartetto N. 4 (11:26)
8   Okanagon Doit Être Considéré Comme Un Rite, Et, Si L'On Veut, Comme Le Battement De Cœur De La Terre (9:41)
  Quartetto N. 2 (20:31)
9   I. Satz (3:30)
10   II. Satz (4:39)
11   III. Satz (3:18)
12   IV. Satz (3:40)
13   V. Satz (5:24)