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Ingar Zach, Rhodri Davies


Label: Qbico

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

Sold out, last copies: 'Beautiful duo set from these two European improvisors which is a deal more removed from any established notions of intuitive post-SME thought than you might initially suspect. Davies plays harp throughout, but right from the first track he steers away from both the scrabbly string attack favoured by most post-Derek Bailey strategists and the Heavy Metal assault of instrumental pioneers like Zeena Parkins, opting instead for a slow blur of droning notes that flare like fizzing electric currents into foggy, almost medieval-sounding constructs. Ingar Zach - one of Derek Bailey's most invigorating duo partners - stays away from the bulk of the kit, prreferring to focus on mechanical contraptions and what sounds like electronically stimulated prayer bowls in order to illuminate Davies's dilated consructs, and there are points where the constellations of slow, zoning tones bring to mind percussionist Frank Perry's devotional solo work. Over on the b side, things are slightly more tangible, with Davies handling the harp a little more aggressively and invoking the kind of taut, intuitive exchange that favours timbral clout over textural or melodic subtlety.' David Keenan
Cat. number: QBICO 31
Year: 2002