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L'Arca di Noè - Excerpt 1
L'Arca di Noè - Excerpt 2
L'Arca di Noè - Excerpt 3
L'Arca di Noè - Excerpt 4

Franco Battiato

L'Arca di Noè (LP)

Label: Universal

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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L'arca di Noè, 'Noah's Ark' is an album by the Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato. It was released in 1982 by EMI Italiana. During the first weeks of 1983 Battiato sold about 550,000 copies of L'arca di Noè.

One year after the success of the album "La voce del padrone", Franco Battiato returns with one of his most pop albums, especially thanks to the leading track Voglio Vederti Vederti Danzare.

The album is composed of songs with a polemical tone (La torre) and epic and mystical (L'esodo). The song that will remain most engraved in the Italian memory will be the splendid and evocative Scalo a Grado.

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Year: 2017