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File under: European free jazz

Jason Yarde, Oli Hayhurst, Eddie Prévost

Meetings With Remarkable Saxophonists - Volume 3

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Jason Yarde, alto and soprano saxophones. Oli Hayhurst, double bass. Eddie Prévost, drums. Recorded at Network Theatre, Waterloo, London on 7th August 2011. "The real discovery is Jason Yarde, and to come in a series after Evan Parker and John Butcher says enough about the esteem Prévost has for the young musician. The quality is obvious. He can shout and scream full of relentless energy, exploring new sonic environments and alternating with very lyrical and calm passages, with phrases and rhythms that are real jazzy, and as part of a trio that moves as one. Hayhurst is good and quite jazzy too, quoting Charlie Haden in one of his solo moments ... and Prévost?  .... well he is Prévost ... all creative all present all in function of the music. The album consists of two lengthy improvisations, one of twenty-six minutes, the other almost twice as long, but which is captivating from beginning to end. A real treat." (Freejazzblog)

File under: European free jazz
Cat. number: MRCD 86
Year: 2013

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