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Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri (12")
€ 15.50
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wk569 - Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri (12


Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri (12")

€ 15.50

LABEL: Boring Machines
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. BM079 | YEAR. (2019)

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I've been talking about releasing music from this trio since I knew them almost seven years ago. Now it's time for me to let you know about one of the craziest projects I had the chance to put my ears on. Marino Zuccheri was the sound engineer of the famous Milan RAI Electronic Music Studio, where he helped to shape the music of great experimentalists like Berio, Nono, Maderna, Cage, Pousseur and many others. This 12” EP is an homage to the great figure of Marino Zuccheri, which inspired more the ideas behind the record than the process itself. Every electronic musician, dealing with any kind of hardware should know the importance of his work and this record is WK569’s thankful chant to the italian godfather of the machines.

WK569 was founded in 2009, at the StudioWK di Esine (Bs) by Federico Troncatti, Ezio Martinazzi and Pier Enrico Villa.
The project is a synthesis of musical language that results from the interaction of man and machine articulated on different levels of perception, both “electronic self-generating” (elettromatic) and “theme improvisation” through development of sound architectures managed in real time

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