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carl michael von hausswolff

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carl michael von hausswolff - Basic

carl michael von hausswolff


€ 16.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. Mo 42 | YEAR. (1998)

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Carl Michael von Hausswolff's first major domestic release. As a composer he has been the main sound organizer in the duo Phauss; he has also worked with The Hafler Trio, and is currently performing live in the group Ocsid with Graham Lewis (Wire, Dome). As a visual artist, he is co-founder of the conceptual state of Elgaland-Bargaland, which hosts a worldwide array of embassies and consulates, and who physical territory is described as 'all borderlines between existing states and areas at sea.

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1   Rotterdam Canaries Or A General Attempt To Conquer A Specific Model Of Migration (7:12)
2   Kaliningrad Cake Or One Simple Way To Re-Establish A Disfunctional Output By Means Of Pre-Tension And Re-Formation (7:00)
3   Hamburg Fatigue Or Tiny Movements Make A Mind Less Static (15:31)
4   Stockholm Slumber Or Exchange Of Mental, Physical And Un-Detected Substances Of Known And Un-Known Matter During A Period Of Four Nights (9:24)