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File under: Improvised Music

Eddie Prévost, Nathaniel Catchpole

Beyond the Barrier

Label: Matchless Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Superb free improvisation from the UK trio of Nathaniel Catchpole on tenor sax, John Edwards on double bass, and Eddie Prevost on drums and bowed tam-tam, three generations of improvisers pushing the envelope of spontaneous composition in accomplished and playful dialog. "

Nothing changes. However, how do we initiate or revive a sense of investigation? How do we push beyond the merely presentational? Market acceptability is surely a too limited artistic objective. Maybe, no objective at all. Contrary to what so many commentators and educators promulgate, there is always somewhere else to go, to explore, to enlarge and enhance. Being content with one's lot is aesthetic (and maybe political) death. There are no fixed objectives as characterized and circumscribed by systems and conventions.

Within these digitally configured sounds you will hear cross-generational responses. Nathaniel Catchpole (b. 1980), John Edwards (b. 1964) and myself (b. 1942). Negotiating the challenges of uncertainty. What might seem to be (upon repeated listening) a fixed pattern was, in performance, a series of questions and choices. How, for example, to related to the given (traditional or conventional) parameters of instrumental technique and performance. How much should we push, pull, nudge and test anticipated responses? And, how much should we try the patience of our fellow musicians and our audience? These considerations are not necessarily barriers to playful creativity. There are always -- joyfully -- limits to surmount and other horizons to be viewed."-Eddie Prevost, from the liner notes.."

File under: Improvised Music
Cat. number: MRCD 95
Year: 2015

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