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Best of 2017
Best of 2017

Maurizio Bianchi

Complete discography vol I (7 Tapes Box)

Label: Urashima

Format: 7xTape Box

Genre: Noise

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** very last copies** Everything starts when Maurizio Bianchi from Milano, with many years spent as a music journalist, realizes that writing (a very personal style both lucid and delirious) is no longer enough to describe the sounds he has in his mind. In that moment he started to deal with tape recorders, turntables, synthesizers, microphones, self-producing tapes and records under the name M.B., creating his own  circuit of fans and aficionados always ready to plunge themselves into the amazing physiological network of "impossible" decompositions. Both the special contributions to compilations issued all over the world and the self-published releases are produced very frequently, almost every month. "Regel", "Menses", "S.F.A.G. 81", "Mectpyo Bakterium", "Endometrio", "Carcinosi", "The Plain Truth" are only a few titles among the LP's he produced, a home-made bricolage - probably comparable only to the lab of the German Conrad Schnitzler & Son - which found a huge group of imitators, both in his country and abroad, who only rarely reach the skill of the master.  Maurizio Bianchi represents the most exasperatedly coherent instance of language of noise. His compositions are long magnetic suites in which the sound particles seem to have an independent character, stagnating and reproducing themselves with infinitesimal variations, and with a never lacking tension and "logic to the absurd". M.B. has recently disowned his "negative" period coming closer, in his last works, to a more classical kind of electronics. His experiments remain anyhow unexcelled, a warning to the blindness of the music criticism.
Free Magazine, Florence 1984 - Vittore Baroni

Urashima honors the art of Maurizio Bianchi, one of the greatest exponent of the early industrial music with an amazing wooden box that include all titles released in early eighties:

: Regel

: Menses

: S.F.A.G. 81

: Mectpyo Bakterium

: Endometrio

: Carcinosi

: The Plain Truth

Wooden box include

: 7 cassettes w/silver double body print :

: 6 double face colored inserts w/original Lp replica artwork :

: 1 insert w/original tape replica artwork :

: 3 inserts :

: 1 insert in ivory cardboard with lettering in silver ink :

: 1 insert in black cardboard with logo in silver ink - hand numbered in 99 copies :


Cat. number: Ura 023_029
Year: 2017

wooden box, 99 copies

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