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vincent royer - brunhild ferrari - luc ferrari

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vincent royer - brunhild ferrari - luc ferrari - Ephémère

vincent royer - brunhild ferrari - luc ferrari


€ 16.90

GENRE: Compositional | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. mode 285 | YEAR. (2020)

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This album tells stories about wind, ocean and a village feast in the southern France… The listener is led into a poetic journey  about freedom and impermanence.  It brings together three Ferrari-related works: by Luc Ferrari himself, by Ferrari’s wife Brunhild Meyer-Ferrari and an improvisation by Royer to one of Ferrari’s soundscapes. Luc Ferrari was very interested in collaboration. New music violist Vincent Royer began collaborating with Ferrari following their meeting in 2001.
Regarding Ephémère (1974), Ferrari wrote: “This musical piece – which, as its name says, is based on the effects of the sea – is intended for musicians open to all types of music. As the name says too, this tape has been conceived as a snap of time.” In 2012 Brunhild Ferrari realized this new version for Royer’s viola.


Luc FERRARI: Ephémère (1974)
new version for viola & tape by Brunhild Ferrari (2012)
Vincent Royer, viola

Brunhild FERRARI: Le Piano Englouti (2012)
version for viola & tape
Vincent Royer, viola

Vincent ROYER – Luc FERRARI: Pour que le vent soit propice (2011)
based on “Ce qu’a vu le Cers” (1978) by Luc Ferrari
Vincent Royer, viola, voice, percussion & electronics

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