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Franco Evangelisti

Franco Evangelisti

Label: Edition RZ

Format: 2xCD deluxe

Genre: Compositional

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The first CD release of works by Franco Evangelisti (1926-1980), the founder of Nuova Consonanza (infamous early '60s Italian avant garde ensemble that included Mario Bertoncini, Roland Kayn, Ennio Morricone, Frederic Rzewski and others). This two disc retrospective features studio audio-footage and lab-experiments, featuring performers Aloys Kontarsky, David Tudor, Eberhard Blüm and the LaSalle Quartet. Spanning the last 40 years, virtually all forms of post-1950 invention are represented here from the pure electronics of "Incontri di fasce sonore, composizione elettronica" (recorded at the WDR, 1957) to the stuttering orchestral developments of "Ordini, strutture variate per sedici strumenti" (composed in 1955, presented here as a 1993 recording by the Ensemble Streumentale de Camera). A key player in the field of pan-stylistic modernalia.

a nice overview of this 2CD set


Proiezioni sonore, Incontri di Fasce Sonore, Aleatorio, Spazio a 5, Random or not Random, Cinque Strutture, Proiezioni Sonore, Proporzioni, Aleatorio, 4!, Ordini, Campi Integrati N. 2, Die Schachtel

Cat. number: RZ 1011/12
Year: 2005

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