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chris abrahams - burkhard beins

Instead of the Sun
€ 13.90
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chris abrahams - burkhard beins - Instead of the Sun

chris abrahams - burkhard beins

Instead of the Sun

€ 13.90

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. concrete 1602 | YEAR. (2019)

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Recorded in Sydney by Chris Abrahams and Burkhard Beins from January 5th to 9th, 2015. “I am quite a fan when it comes to the music on Abrahams, as he brings much energy and vibrancy to the table, and that is no different on this new release.
It's quite difficult to dissect what is going on here. Should one not know who made this album, a blind test if you will, then one could easily think this is an album made with a modular synthesizer and perhaps very little something else; it is not easy to detect in this album the sound of percussion or drums, but that made me think that much of this is Beins playing percussion, triggering the synthesizers ofAbrahams and that in the final mix of the album very few of the original drum sounds are used. True, there is some rhythmical undercurrent in some of these pieces, such as in the surprising song-like opening 'After The Violet Of The First' and 'Second-Hand Ecstasy', but there too the rhythm may come from thesynthesizers.
I quite enjoyed all of this, as it seemed to bypass such notions as 'improvisation' or 'composition', taking the latter into the first by making some great decisions when mixing the material. All of these pieces are very vibrant and burst with energy, sometimes highly uncontrolled but then sometimes also with quite some peace and dark tranquillity. This is one excellent release.” - Frans De Waard.

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