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Joao Gilberto - Excerpt

João Gilberto

João Gilberto

Label: Klimt

Format: LP

Genre: Brazilian

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Originally released in 1973, Joao Gilberto aka The White Album, is as a timeless classic of the genre and one of Joao's definitive masterpieces. Featuring only the minimalist drumming of NY jazz drummer Sonny Carr (and the backing vocals of 'Miucha', Gilberto's second wife and sister of Chico Buarque on the final track), Joao spins a delicate web of sound that from the first notes of Tom Jobim's anthem 'Aguas De Marco' has the listener dreaming of Bahia, even though the album was recorded in a New Jersey studio with electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos at the controls. This is bossanova at its very best.

Cat. number: MJJ332LP
Year: 2017

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