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james ferraro

Last American Hero
€ 16.50
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james ferraro - Last American Hero

james ferraro

Last American Hero

€ 16.50

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. OESB#37 | YEAR. (2012)

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Long awaited vinyl pressing of this amazing album from one half of The Skaters, and all-round Hypnagogic Pop hero James Ferraro - 450 copies for the world!* James Ferraro has fast become one of those artists whose records we can't wait to devour in the office. 'Last American Hero' is by far one of his most acutely affective dreams, originally released (like most of his stuff) on tape via the Belgian label Dreamtime Taped Sounds in late 2008, but reaching us on a super limited run of 450 vinyl copies. The album includes a download coupon (redeemable directly from the label) and a culture-collage sleeve representing "the programmed citizen and the process of it's logical the empty world created by the MODERN Gomorrah temple BEST BUY plaza center". It's an internal fax from behind the droopy lids and dilated pupils of Ferraro's world view, articulated with his typically narcotic drawl and rendered with a tender nu-New-age spirituality. He reflects on the hyper-consumerist legacy of American culture (and by irreversible osmosis - much of the Western world) with three lengthy tracks, sluggishly fading from avant-synthblues to washed-out drone loops to an unforeseen dusky desert blues scene of gripping ethereality. There are parallels to what Ferraro is doing - macro-cultural refractions of 80s and 90s pulp-ephemera - in the collages of Leyland Kirby or Oneohtrix Point Never, but Ferraro's addictive approach comes from a position on the outskirts of an American reality, fed on the piped syrups of cable TV and crucially clichéd reminisces. Hugely recommended

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Remastered vinyl reissue of a limited cassette on Taped Sounds.

Edition of 450 copies.

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