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Label: Frattonove

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Restocked, groundbreaking last I/O album...“Polytone” is the second album of the band, released after three years from the debut one, which has been originally released by Ebria Records and already sold out. If the first cd was a snapshot of the birth of the band (formed in 2002), being composed by the recordings of the former rehearsals of the band, this second album represents the band after two years (the recordings are from December 2005) of improvisation and after several live shows. The band has played with different artist like Liars, Ovo, Anatrofobia, Damo Suzuki, Giuseppe Ielasi, Rosolina Mar and many others. I/O defined itself as “Minimalistic Rhythmic Improvisation” and “Poytone” is characterized by a focus on the rhythmic aspects of the songs (referring in particular to the idea of “pulse” meant in the minimalistic way), which are built and de-constructed in the 8 tracks of the cd. The entire cd has been recorded live without overdubs, because there are not other ways to capture the improvisation without a scheme's mood. That's the reason why no editing has been done.

Cat. number: FRATTO 04
Year: 2007

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