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Brigitte Fontaine

Vous Et Nous


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

A brilliant collaboration between these two dark moody French singers -- every bit as great as their classics from the early 70s! Recorded in 1977, with enough material to make up 2 LPs, this set features 33 tracks that slip and slide into each other with cool sounds, spare instrumentation, and amazing vocals that are difficult to describe, but which cut you to the quick once you've heard them! Extremely haunting, with a feel that sounds like the wind blowing through an empty cottage on a rainy day -- somewhat sad, but beautifully poetic, too. Even if you don't know French, this stuff'll grab you and send spooky shivers down your spine. Titles include "Vous Et Nous", "Mon Lit", "Personne", "Cher", "Diablo", "La Harpe Jaune", "Dans Ma Rue", and "Je Suis Venu Te Voir".
Cat. number: SHL 2077
Year: 2010