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Brigitte Fontaine

Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Beautiful duets between Brigitte Fontaine and Areski -- and an album that's filled with loads of short little tracks that stand with some of their greatest work ever! Instrumentation is spare, but incredibly haunting -- a bit jazzy at times, slightly experimental at others -- but always quiet enough to allow the slightly-whispered vocals of the pair dominate the record. There's a strong sense of poetry here -- but without any of the stiffness or pretension that might imply -- and the record's a wonderful illustration of the genre-crossing genius of the Saravah label at its best! Tracks include "Le Silence", "Depuis", "J'Ai 26 Ans, Madame", "C'est Normal", and "Dis-Moi"
Cat. number: shl1010
Year: 2010