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charlotte moorman

Aachen Konzert, July 25th, 1966
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charlotte moorman - Aachen Konzert, July 25th, 1966

charlotte moorman

Aachen Konzert, July 25th, 1966

€ 15.90

GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. NMN 064-2CD | YEAR. (2019)

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This CD presents a concert from July 25th, 1966 in the Theatersaal in Aachen, Germany. In addition to the New York concert on September 12th, 1964, the recordings of this European concert well represent the kind of performances that Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik presented in Europe in the second stage of their historical "duo" exhibitions. This Aachen event, in fact, is testimony to the progressive and always more pronounced emergence of meta-musical elements deliberately turned toward the demystification of "ritualistic" meanings of a concert, even while consciously accepting it as an exhibition frame. It is for this reason that the Aachen recording can document, with respect to the comprehensive program, only those works in which the sound matrix constitutes the prominent factor. This is particularly evident, beyond several classic works of their programs like "26'1.1499 for a String Player" by John Cage, "Duet II" by Toshi Ichiyanagi and a work by Giuseppe Chiari titled "Ave Maria di Schubert" (written for the cellist and dedicated to her) in "Sonata No. 1 for Adults Only" and especially the first performance of "Opera Sextronique," both by Paik, in addition to other pieces by Earle Brown and Sylvano Bussotti. This disc also includes another unspecified rendering of Ichiyanagi's "Duet II" and an abbreviated version of Cage's "2'1.1499 for a String Player." A Fluxus concert classic! One of the four Charlotte Moorman CDs originally included in the Cello Anthology box, now individually available for the first time.

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